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Friday, March 23, 2007

Кампањата Инвестирајте во Македонија веќе забразди и почна да донесува првични резултати ... Вчера беше потпишан првиот позначаен преддоговор - договор за намери меѓу владата на РМ и Johnson Matthey ... а внимателно се најавува скоро објавување на нова инвестиција во секторот на банкарството од страна на Исландскиот холдинг „Мајлстоун“, кој се занимава со финансиски работи, банкарство и со фармација ...

Кампањата Инвестирајте во Македонија беше нападната од опозицијата ... Неоправдано се трошеле големи пари во реклама, пропаганда и патувања ... Од Грција беше нападната заради името Македонија ...

Агенцијата за Странски Инвестиции на РМ - изготвила пригоден сајт - Invest in Macedonia ... Тука ке го промовирам и ке го споредам со сличниот таков сајт на Хрватска - Hrvatska Gospodarska Diplomacija ...

Сајтот Invest in Macedonia е пишуван на Англиски, Француски, Германски, Италијански, Шпански и Руски ... Македонски нема за разлика од хрватскиот сајт кој е пишуван на Хрватски Англиски и Германски ...

Контакт адресата е:
Nikola Vapcarov 7
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
Tel: +389 2 3100 111
Fax: +389 2 3100 110

Се дава можност да се пријави секоја заинтересирана компанија - преку Information request ... Се промовираат пооделни линкови - на Владата ... Минисстерството за Финасии ... Народната Банка ... Македонската берза ... Државниот завод за статистика ... Комисијата за Хартии од вредност ... Секретаријатот за ЕУ прашања ...

Пишани се поважни статии кои треба да појаснат зошто треба да се инвестира во Македонија ...
- Taxes ...

The lowest flat corporate and personal income tax rates

Macedonia has recently become a tax heaven in Europe. The new Government introduced a flat tax of 10% for corporate and personal income. In 2007, the corporate rate is 12%, reducing to 10% thereafter. The previous corporate tax rate amounted to 15%, while personal income tax rates amounted to 15%, 18% and 24%. In order to stimulate additional foreign and domestic investment, corporate tax on re-invested profit is set at 0%.

- Technological–Industrial Development Zones ...

Macedonia offers additional incentives for TIDZ development, in addition to those normally associated with free economic zones. For companies from the lists of Fortune Global 500 and Business Week 1200 that transfer part of their business activities to these zones, the Government will provide funds for co-financing of business facilities construction.

Investors in TIDZ are entitled to 10–year profit tax exemption and to 50% reduction of personal income tax for a period of 5 years, so that the effective rate of personal income tax will amount to 5%[1] . Investors are exempt from payment of value added tax and customs duties for goods, raw materials, equipment and machines.
Land in a TIDZ in Macedonia is available under long-term lease for a period of up to 50 years, with a possibility of extension for an additional 25 years at low prices.

- Fast Company Registration ...

One-stop-shop system

Because "time is money", the Government has introduced a one-stop-shop system that enables investors to register their businesses within 3 days.

- Access to Labor Force ...

The average gross monthly salary is 370 Euros, out of which 220 Euros are net salary, and the remaining 150 Euros are for payroll taxes. In the larger cities, investors may hire a competitive and technically competent labor force.

- Free Access to a 650 million Consumer Market ...

Macedonia has concluded three multi-lateral free trade agreements: with the European Union (EU) countries, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), and eight bilateral agreements. The Agreement with the EU is economically the most significant. Through this, Macedonia has access to 490 million consumers in the second largest world market.

- Macroeconomic Stability ...

The economic performance of the Macedonian economy is expressed through stable GDP growth of around 4%, low inflation rate of 2-3% on average, fiscal discipline confirmed by the international financial institutions and a well-functioning coordination between fiscal and monetary policy.

In 2006, the Macedonian economy grew by 4%, which was both services and industry-driven. Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), was low and stable at 3.1%. Central government budget deficit in 2006 was only 0.5% of GDP, with surpluses on foreign accounts and the current account deficit around 1% of GDP. Furthermore, foreign exchange reserves increased to about 5 months of imports. These positive effects from a disciplined fiscal policy were reflected in monetary policy, causing a significant reduction in interest rates, which were 8% at the end of 2005 and 5.5% at the end of 2006.

- Excellent Location and Infrastructure ...

Macedonia is at the cross-roads of South Eastern Europe, which makes it an ideal transit and distribution center for products for European markets. The developed road and railway infrastructure, in combination with the small area of the country enables access to every inhabited place in Macedonia in less than 3 hours.
The road infrastructure is 9,205 km long, while the railway network is 900 km. The two large Pan- European corridors – Corridor 8 (east-west) and Corridor 10 (north-south) currently exist and are now being upgraded. This will additionally strengthen the capacity of the Macedonian transport network. There are two international airports, in Skopje and Ohrid. There are regular direct connections to several larger European transport centers.

- EU and NATO Candidate Country ...

Membership of the European Union is the highest strategic interest and priority for the Government, an objective shared by an overwhelming majority of its citizens and all the relevant political parties.

Macedonia was the first country in South East Europe to sign the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the European Communities and its Member States on 9 April 2001 in Luxemburg. This Agreement, signed between Macedonia and the European Union, was the first to be ratified from all EU member states.

To achieve the objective of joining the EU family, Macedonia submitted application for EU membership in 2004. Recognising the progress that Macedonia has made in meeting the Copenhagen criteria, the European Commission recommended granting Macedonia candidate country status for membership in the EU. On 17 December 2005, the European Council decided to grant the Republic of Macedonia official candidate status for EU membership.

- Дадени се 12 причини зошто е добро да се инвестира во Македонија ...

  1. Market Access
  2. Good Strategic Position
  3. Low Costs
  4. Low Taxes
  5. Great People
  6. Stable Democracy
  7. FDI a Top Priority
  8. Negotiable Financial Incentives
  9. Good Infrastructure
  10. Responsive University System
  11. Excellent Linguistic Skills
  12. Good Living Environment
- Предложени се 5 области каде е добро да се инвестира а образложено е и зошто ...

1. Automotive Components
2. Information Communications Technology (ICT
3. Agribusiness and food processing industry
4. Healthcare Products (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices)
5. Clothing, Textiles and Leather

- Представена е Македонија со базичните факти ...

  1. Area: 25,713
  2. Capital: Skopje
  3. Population: 2.1 million people (69% in age bracket 15-64)
  4. Main Ethnic Groups: Macedonian 64%, Albanian 25%, Turks 4%
  5. Religions: Orthodox Christian 65%, Muslim 33%, Other 2%
  6. Currency: Macedonian Denar pegged to Euro and stable for 10 years against Euro (December 2006 rate 1€=61.3 MKD)
  7. GDP for 2005: US$5.6 billion
  8. GDP Growth: Average 4.0% 2004-2006
  9. Inflation: 1.2% (2003), -0.4% (2004), 0.5% (2006)
  10. Exports for 2005: US$2.0 billion
  11. Main Export Markets for 2005: Serbia (23%), Germany (18%), Greece (15%), Italy (8%), Croatia (4%), Bulgaria (4%)
  12. Main Export Sectors for 2005: Manufactured goods classified mainly by material (45.91%), Miscellaneous manufactured articles (12.30%), Food products (11.25%), Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials (11.00%), Machinery and transport equipment (7.39%), Chemical products (6.10%), Crude materials, except fuels (4.56%), Beverages and tobacco (1.50%).
- Дадена е листа на Консултантски куќи ...

Crimson Capital -
Deloitte & Touché -
Ernst & Young -
Grant Thornton -
PricewaterhouseCoopers -

- Предложена е листа на Адвокатски канцеларии ...

Antevski Lawyers -
Bogdanov Law Office -
Debarliev, Dameski & Kelesoska - Attorney at law -
Georgi Dimitrov Law Office -
Joanidis Law & Patent Office -
Mens Legis Cakmakova Advocates -
Monevski Law Firm -
Pavlevski Law Office -
Pepeljugoski Law Office and Intellectual Property Bureau -
Stankovski & Markovic Attorneys and Counselors at law -
Stojanoski International Law Office & Official Translations: -
Trpenovski Attorneys office -

- Представени се коморите ...

Economic Chamber of Macedonia -
Macedonian Stock Exchange -

- Дадена е листа на Брокери ...

Innovo Broker A.D. Skopje -
Invest Broker -
Komerciajlna Banka -
Ohridska Banka -
Sileks Banka -
Stopanska Banka -
Tutunska broker -
Uni Banka -

- Doing Business and Investing in Macedonia 2006/2007 ...


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